Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation, otherwise known as “workers comp,” “work comp,” “workmans comp”, etc., is an insurance program mandated by the states to be purchased by employers to provide compensation to employees who suffer an unfortunate illness or injury related to the job. A successful workers’ compensation claim will usually pay for any out of pocket medical expenses related to the work injury and also cover lost wages while receiving treatment for the injuries.

The tradeoff of having workers’ compensation insurance to replace lost wages and cover medical expenses is that the employee relinquishes the right to sue his/her employer for negligence. This is otherwise known as “the compensation bargain.”

Workers’ compensation insurance acts as many forms of insurance. For example, it functions as a form of disability insurance when it covers lost past and future wages. It acts as health insurance when the employee receives reimbursement for medical expenses. And it even acts as life insurance as benefits are payable to workers’ dependents if killed during employment.
But again, due to the relinquishment of rights to sue an employer for negligence, damages for pain and suffering and/or punitive damages are generally not issued in workers’ comp cases.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Accidents by nature are unpredictable. Some jobs carry more risk than others, but even so, by the time you realize you are in danger, it’s often too late.

Serious accident related injuries are reported at thousands of locations such as:

  • Work sites (construction, chemical, industrial, etc.)
  • Retail outlets
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Financial institutions

Regardless of where you work, accidents can be incredibly upsetting. Even worse, you can be injured permanently or left with a long recovery period. Of course, during this time your regular bills and medical costs continue to pile up.

Sadly, insurance companies and employers sometimes conspire and attempt to deny or minimize workers’ compensation claims. This is done by a variety of methods, notably scaring you into accepting an insufficient settlement or confusing you with miles of bureaucratic red tape.

And this is why you need skilled, trusted workers’ compensation lawyers working on your case. A workers’ comp lawyer will make sure your rights are protected and that you get the financial support you rightfully deserve. Your employer owes you this much for your physical and financial losses.